Lady Denim: Colorado Sound Spotlight Artist, September 2021

by Kevin Johnston

On September 10, Fort Collins indie-pop quartet (and 105.5 The Colorado Sound‘s Spotlight artist of the month) Lady Denim release Loosely Held Hands with plans to rock the block at Downtown Greeley’s Block Party festival.

With the new EP, Lady Denim garnered a specific sound by highlighting their growth as a musical unit, namely due to the position they were put in during lock down.

“We were desperately trying to stay optimistic,” lead vocalist Nick Lundeen tells BandWagon, “which – to be honest, was a lot easier said than done. For us, Loosely Held Hands is about holding on to something during tough circumstances. We became a lot more dependent on one another for emotional support and because of that, the songwriting became more fluid once we developed that stronger bond.”

That bond is a sign of the self-trust young bands need to navigate the uncertain waters of the music industry – especially during this era.

Lady Denim release their new EP Loosely Held Hands on September 10.

“It has become a lot more about commitment,” Lundeen says. “At the earlier stages, it was just cool to jam out and tell friends you’re in a band. However, what some may not see are the countless efforts all four of us put in while the curtains are closed. But none of us would trade that added stress for anything.”

As for the Block Party appearance, fans should expect music from Loosely Held Hands, but songs set for release even further afield too. “After we finished the EP back in April we quickly began dialing in more music,” Lundeen says. “So… expect tons from our next, next project and be ready to rock!”

Listen to Lady Denim on 105.5 The Colorado Sound on your NoCo radio dial or world-wide at – Plus, catch them live at Block Party in downtown Greeley on Friday, September 10.