Music, Print, Reviews May 10, 2021

Single Review: Cole Scheifele

by Gabe Allen

Cole Scheifele writes heartbreaking music. It’s the kind of music that you listen to on repeat after a bad breakup or on the ride home from the last day of summer camp. It’s the kind of music that makes you nostalgic for the last time you were truly, deeply sad.

In his latest single, “Back Then,” he sings about feeling trapped in a cycle of losing love.

“Haven’t I burnt this bridge with the same damn match and flames, and haven’t I said I’d change?”

All photos by Kate Patrik

Scheifele delivers a soaring melody with unrestrained emotion. Behind his voice, an ambient brew of siren-like drones creates texture while he keeps time on an acoustic guitar. For a real treat, you can watch the music video, below, which features a stripped-down acoustic performance of the song in broodingly dark black-and-white.

Check out “Back Then” and more from Scheifele at