Music, Reviews February 9, 2021

Single Review: Plume Varia – Hold On To Me

by Laura Giagos

A haunting tune, “Hold On To Me” is like a nighttime journey through the southwest, channelling the late night cold of the desert. For their latest single, Plume Varia return to their comfort zone of spacey goth country, combining a vapid and solemn drum machine perfectly with folk guitar and lonely synth riffs. 

The Denver based Plume Varia are husband and wife duo Shon and Cherie Ray Cobbs, Cherie taking the lead on vocals, bringing a life to their music reminiscent of the indomitable Kate Bush.

Shon and Cherie Cobbs hold onto each other as Plume Varia.

Pulling the veil back on these covid times, Plume Varia step into 2021 with a song that is a slight departure from their earlier work, but still holds that warm, gloomy feeling fans have come to love.

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