Music, Print, Reviews December 7, 2020

Single Review: Enzi – “Mad Chemistry”

by Gabe Allen

Since Enzi released “Mad Chemistry” in October, it has amassed more than 80,000 streams, on track to be her biggest hit yet. The Northern Colorado turned Nashville alt pop rising star even made it onto a “Girls Gone Alt” list from the shishi women’s lifestyle site Refinery29.

Although not particularly original, it’s exceedingly accessible. Like Avril Lavigne’s 2007 smash hit “Girlfriend,” “Mad Chemistry” channels the angst of an unrequited crush over punk-tinged, glittery pop. Enzi even borrows a refrain from Lavigne with “I don’t like your girlfriend.” 

Enzi – so fresh and so green-green, but sounding mad pro on “Mad Chemistry” – photos by Jordan Altergott aka

The song’s musical foundation blends live and synthetic instrumentation. Heavily compressed blues guitar riffs provide musical hooks between verses and a wobble bass drives momentum over sparse electronic percussion and finger snaps.

As with all of Enzi’s music, her full-throated vocal performance carries the track. She croons through a hooky chorus while calling and responding to a many-layered harmony of her own voice. 

Green with Enzi – Photo by

“Mad Chemistry” is one of six singles Enzi churned out since 2018. Between her unmistakable confidence and adept fusion of pop tropes, you get the feeling that she is just getting started.

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