Music, Print, Reviews November 23, 2020

Single & Video Review: The Beeves – Mercy Be

by Kevin Johnston

Those who know The Beeves might not choose “subtle” as the first adjective to describe one of Northern Colorado’s most fun, energetic, young rock trios. Yet on “Mercy Be” the Beeves leave behind their beloved flailing antics, revealing their influences to be just as loyal to the Flamingos, The Beach Boys and Elvis as they are to The Vines and The Strokes. 

A plinking bass line high on the neck, coupled with a spooky, baritone narrative at the top of the track sets up an allegory of mystery. It climaxes into a major-key, organ-flecked chorus of “Take mercy leave mercy be, have it on me. Let’s go home,” in all its over-dubbed, 1960’s sunshine, stained-glass glory.

The accompanying video is a slo-mo-rodeo prom night dream. Its beautifully shot, beautifully sequenced simplicity masks The Beeves in more intrigue; the kind of dark mystique indicative of Princes, Bowies and Mercurys.

That said, the spirit of the short film maintains that good-ol’ country Beeves DIY punk spirit. There are moments of goof-ball humour wrapped in its shadowy four minutes. Plus, the entire video was conceptualised and shot in just one weekend, courtesy of Nerd Rat Media and the 53:14 Music Video Experiment.

Production support from The Bohemian Foundation, The Colorado Sound and others proves these indie kids have quality taste-makers in their corner, which bodes well for the undetermined release date for their next, highly anticipated full-length release Beauty & the Beeves.

Follow The Beeves via and watch “Mercy Be” below.