Music, Print, Reviews November 11, 2020

Single Review: Joel Ansett – “Ease”

by Kevin Johnston

Denver’s Joel Ansett says he finally noticed how much emotional energy he spent on “just trying to be liked. It’s so childish,” he tells BandWagon, “but it turned into a habit; just how I would function in social settings.” “Ease” is about non-approval-based friendships, but it’s deserving of high praise. 

Indeed, the track itself does a lot to put the lister at you-know-what. White microphone noise underneath Ansett’s intimate, accurate delivery, gentle guitar picking and acoustic piano at the outset, couple perfectly with subtle, Bon Iver-level production, courtesy of Jon Joseph. It swells into a nuanced recording at the very Vanguard of today’s genre-defying standards. The subtle depth and rich beauty of the production is equally matched by Ansett’s expert wielding of melody and lyrical rhythm.

Photos by Jess Wagner

Ansett will release further singles in the coming months, culminating in a proper EP with a yet-to-be-announced release date. Follow along right here at BandWagon, and listen to the single below.

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