Music, Print, Reviews November 14, 2020

Single Review: Machu Linea ft. Evllqn – “Feelitboi”

by Laura Giagos

Denver’s future-electro R&B musician Machu Linea is bringing his jazzy experimental sound back to the people with the release of “Feelitboi,” the first single ahead of his second album HeXotica (out now).

Bombastic at first glance but with subtlety hidden in its club beat, “Feelitboi” is an exciting look into the new album, which features appearances from Kid Astronaut, Rare Byrd$, Shockermom and local drag artists, Reprobabe and Lisa Frank Sïxsïxsïx.

There is a freeform vibe that rides the eccentricities of “Feelitboi” and the full album at large, showing Machu Linea’s fearlessness, making him one of the more exciting Colorado musicians to watch in the next year. 

Stream HeXotica online via the platform of your choice. Click here to check it out on SoundCloud.