The Colorado Sound’s My5 – June 2020

by BandWagon Magazine

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1. Strings & Stories, For The Bluebird We were heartbroken when the yearly fundraiser for Future Arts Festival had to cancel. Now they have an online fest with more than 16 performers (Wes Schultz is one!)

2. Colorado Sound Music Meetings Have you heard? Our monthly Music Meetings are virtual!  Now anyone from anywhere can join us in curating the Colorado Sound.

3. Fontaines D.C.“Who says new music doesn’t have a bite?  This punk band outta Dublin has only been together for 3 years.  But their sound will make you feel you’re in CBGBs in 1979!

4. Top 20 of 2020 Each month this year, the Colorado Sound is looking for you to tell us your favorite “__________”. We’ll have a different subject each month then count down your Top 20 at the end of the month! For June: what’s your favorite movie soundtrack album? Tell us at

5. You Asked For It Is there a song you want everyone to hear? Maybe it’s never been played on the radio? Each weekday morning around 9:45 I play specific listener requests! Submit HERE.

As of this writing, we’ve lost 80,000+ Americans to COVID-19. Included in these grievous losses are some wonderful musicians. This month, I chose 5 songs, each by a different musician we’ve lost to COVID-19. 

1. John PrineWith such a vast, influential body of work, it’s truly hard to narrow it down to just one. So my choice comes from his last major label album of original songs, Tree Of Forgiveness. Listen to “The Lonesome Friends Of Science.” Only John Prine could make the idea of planet Pluto being demoted and the largest cast iron statue in the world into such a charming song.

2. Adam Schlesinger (Fountains Of Wayne, Ivy, Fever High) The catalog of songs and contributions to the arts he leaves behind is large: The title song for the movie That Thing You Do, music for The Manchurian Candidate and many more films, all the music used in the TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and I haven’t even scratched the surface regarding  his bands. Check out the Fountains Of Wayne song “Radiation Vibe.”

3. Dave Greenfield (The Stranglers) – When you think of the early years of Punk, you likely think of the loud, raw sound of bands like the Sex Pistols. But the early years of Punk also had bands like The Stranglers, who incorporated keyboards. Dave Greenfield made that difference in the sound of The Stranglers. His memorable harpsichord riff on “Golden Brown” is a perfect example of what he brought to the band.

4. Manu Dibango The BBC remembers Manu Dibango thusly: “Whether it was Congolese rumba in the 1950s, disco in the 1970s or hip-hop in the 1990s, his contribution to the development of modern music cannot be overstated.” The influential saxophonist, who brought modern African music to the ears of the world is best known for his catchy song, “Soul Makossa.

5. Matthew Seligman (Soft Boys, Thompson Twins, Thomas Dolby, noted session musician) – You’ve gotta have a groove and Matthew Seligman provided it in the early years of New Wave. His bass can be heard on the original of “Video Killed The Radio Star” by Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club. Start there and then check out one of his many session performances on David Bowie’s “Absolute Beginners”.

1. The Allergies – “Felony/Rile ‘Em Up”The UK duo DJ Moneyshot and Rackabeat create some of the funkiest, sample drenched tunes out there. If you need a pick me up/home dance party, start with this new 7’ and work your way back through their catalog.

2. X – Alphabetland Everything you could hope for from the LA punk icons X. 35 years since the original lineup released an album and they haven’t lost a step! Alphabetland’s release was originally set to coincide with their 40th-anniversary tour which would have started last month.

3. The Arrested Development Documentary Project – If you’ve never heard of or watched the Mitchell Hurwitz sitcom Arrested Development, watch this documentary about the greatest show nobody watched.

4. Arrested Development – Now that you’ve watched the documentary, dig in! This 2003 series has an amazing cast: Portia de Rossi, Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Ron Howard, coupled with incredibly talented writers and an irreverent shooting style. Fox killed off this Emmy winning show in three seasons; I highly recommend binge-watching them all!

5. Matt And Kim PodcastIf you’re expecting Nobel Laureate caliber conversation, this is not the podcast for you. But if you’re stoked to hear this quarantined couple’s stream of conscious banter then jump in. They cover the important issues of today like zombies, using scratchy toilet paper and becoming furries.

1. Ozark – I’m late to the party on this one but, it’s been some of the best binge-watching TV I’ve enjoyed during the pandemic. With everything from sex, drugs, rock n’ roll, and outstanding acting from Jason Bateman, Laura Linney and a whole group of characters, you can’t help but root for them despite their many flaws.

2. John CraigieCraigie is new on the Colorado Sound but has been performing for years, releasing 6 studio albums. A modern-day troubadour in the spirit of Woody Guthrie and Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, his songs are sweet and intelligent mixed with melodies that will have you singing all day.

3. Jaime WyattWyatt is keeping the spirit of Outlaw country alive. Frequently asking audiences for a show of hands on how many of them have “done something illegal,” she’s no stranger to trouble. The hardships and heartaches of her past creates a refreshing vulnerability in her music. If you like your Honky Tonk with a healthy blend of tears and beers, Wyatt is the artist you’ve been dreaming of.

4. Quarantine Music With all of us hunkering down at home, musicians have found themselves with lot of time on their hands. The result has been a healthy shot of music at a pretty steady pace. Not surprisingly, many of the songs deal with the pandemic and the isolation surrounding it. At this point we’ve heard from Death Cab for Cutie, Jeff Beck, Mike Campbell and more. Joe Ely recorded an entire album on the topic, and Walter Martin came up with my favorite: “Quarantine Boogie.”

5. Al Fresco Dining –Something about enjoying a meal outside makes me happy. With the arrival of Spring and Summer right around the corner, I may not have another meal inside until October. Aside from unexpected hail and thunderstorms, Colorado may just be the perfect place for outdoor eats.