Print, Reviews October 17, 2019

Album Review: Lacy Jo – Self-Titled EP

by Brittany Culp

Lacy Jo is humble and gracious. The Greeley-based country singer-songwriter attributes her successes to God for showing her the way, her family and the agricultural community for always helping her grow and supporting her, and everyone that’s encouraged and helped her along the way. She believes she wouldn’t be where she is if not for these instrumental people.

Jo writes her songs based on both experiences she’s been through herself, and those which people close to her have been through. Regardless of the inspiration for the song, there’s a relatable feel to her music, which is exactly what she is striving for.

“I want to be able to reach people far and wide and let them know that they’re not alone; that someone out there understands,” Lacy Jo says. She wants to be the artist that followers and fans can relate to on such a level that they see her as a friend.

Her forthcoming, self-titled EP is mainly ballads, raw songs focused on being real, which Lacy wrote based on her own life. Some feature heavy topics, while others highlight happiness, resulting in a varied mix for the listener. She chose to record the instrumental music and vocals live and simultaneously, a testimony to her skill as an artist and a nod to the requirements for the talent she seeks to use on stage and in the studio. It’s a classic approach to recording  where the margin for error is non-existent.

This recording method goes hand-in-hand with her beliefs and mindset as an artist. Lacy Jo, as well as her mentors and vocal coach, Dr. Scott Martin and guitar coach / Producer, Dave Beegle, all believe that as an artist and performer, the opportunity to be an influencer and role model to a large group of people is no light matter. Jo takes her career as an artist seriously, putting her best foot forward. Taking her outlook another step further, she wants to be the best example of a human being she can be. Listen to her music or talk to her at a show and you’ll see that first hand.

The role-model idea, in part, came from her father’s words of wisdom, a phrase which has stuck with her throughout the years: “Take the risk and walk through the door. Practice every day for what you want. Don’t be somebody who over-prepares and then doesn’t have enough courage to walk-the-walk and take the risk.”

Lacy Jo is taking on more than just her new EP, working on collaborations with other artists, bands and community influencers, while currently building a full-time band. Once assembled, Lacy Jo plans to expand her reach and begin touring in 2020.

Lacy Jo celebrates the release of her self-titled EP at the Moxi Theater in Downtown Greeley on Friday, October 25 with Smooth Hound Smith.