Print, Reviews December 13, 2018

Album Review: safekeeper – On Sludge Summit

by Laura Giagos

safekeeper, the brainchild of the industrious Ft. Collins based Zach Visconti, is the music you wish you had in high school. Boiled down into an emotional lo-fi art rock reminiscent of an early Modest Mouse, safekeeper is releasing the aptly named On Sludge Summit December 14. This five-track EP glistens with slow ride emo guitar licks and drunken yawls that drudge through at a satisfying pace.

Along with childhood friend Matt Scorca, (who grew up with Visconti listening to bands like Pavement, Modest Mouse, and the Pixies) Visconti wrote all the songs in February then recorded everything at his duplex in Ft. Collins. After Scorca took a job in Europe, Visconti carried on the name safekeeper with a rotating line up of friends filling in as needed.

What’s great about On Sludge Summit is how little energy is spent catering to a “mainstream” audience. It has that ‘fuck it’ attitude that shows two musicians making art simply to express themselves instead of bending their own ideals to fit in any category. 

safekeeper gets in touch with their inner weirdness, something a lot of local bands shy away from often out of fear of what other people think. On Sludge Summit is experimental, noisy at the right times, and within it are nuggets that aren’t simply reminiscent of an early Modest Mouse but something truly their own.

Those looking for perfection won’t be satisfied with On Sludge Summit, but this isn’t for that audience. This is for people looking for something a little deeper than what’s being presented to them on the day to day.

It’s worth noting too, that Visconti is a champion of the Ft. Collins music scene. For several years he and his wife have been throwing house shows to bring together like-minded people and musicians and it’s them that he credits with inspiring him musically. If you ever receive an invite to a show at Mouse House, consider it an indie honor.

safekeeper celebrate the release of On Sludge Summit with a December 14 show at The Skylark in Denver and December 21 at Pinball Jones in Fort Collins.