Reviews February 1, 2018

Michael Olivier – Tired Bones

by Jed Murphy

Foa2688151661_10 (1).jpgr Michael Olivier, putting out a solo record was an important part of his personal growth. After the disbanding of his well-regarded post-hardcore band Disguise The Silence, Olivier filled his time as the go-to producer of local musicians at the University of Northern Colorado Recording Studio. And while he had his hands in several great projects, nothing was scratching the musical itch he was feeling. Booking himself a week in the UNC studio, Olivier went in with an album’s worth of material and came out with Tired Bones, some of his best music yet.

Tired Bones is still very much an emo/hardcore album, which is Olivier’s natural habitat, but his rock and roll roots peek out from time to time, giving us a glimpse at the scope of this maturing songwriter. While his work in Disguise The Silence pushed for an intense heaviness, the end result could at times come across as sporadic to the casual listener. Tired Bones is much more concise, with tight guitar licks and dare I say poppy melodies, clearly showing Olivier as the captain of the ship.

Recording most of the instruments himself, he did recruit a solid troupe of studio players made up of some of the best local bands including members of Silver & Gold. He also got together a group of his friends in many of the best local groups to record gang vocals on the the track “I’m Not Sad Anymore” – this group included his parents, because he’s classy like that.At the end of the day, Michael Olivier tops himself with Tired Bones. As with everything he has recorded in the past, the tracks are clean and polished. The angst that has played such a key element in his music still floats to the top, but underneath you’ll find a musician exploring a new side of himself that’s a bit wiser, a bit more practiced, and still willing to take risks. Fans of DTS will love it, new listeners might be cautious, but just wait until he get his band together to gig the album this spring. You won’t be disappointed.