Music, Print, Reviews January 15, 2013

Review: Juvenile – “Juvie Tuesday”

by John Hann

JuvenileJuvie Tuesday is the first mixtape or album release since June for the 37-year-old rapper from New Orleans, Juvenile. What makes it so unique is that it features members from Cash Money’s group Hot Boys, such as Lil Wayne and Birdman, who have not rapped together in years. The track “Picture Perfect” demonstrates that although it’s been a long time, these guys can still rap together well with the same talent from their old Hot Boys days. The album features many other MCs, like Dorrough from E1 Music and Juicy J from Three 6 Mafia.

Juvie Tuesday is a free sponsored mixtape and has been grabbing the ears of the public, pulling in over 92,000 hits in its first week of release on Since Juvenile’s last album in June 2012, Rejuvenation, released by Rap-a-Lot Records, Juvenile has been facing several court issues for not paying child support for the past few years. The court mandated child support fees piled up to nearly $50,000 and had the potential to slow the production of the mixtape, but Juvenile stayed focus and was able to drop Juvie Tuesday within seven months of his previous album. The mixtape has sixteen tracks that talk about Juvenile getting paid for his raps, the hard road of getting through the rap game, and the partying that occurs along the way.

Juvenile has been rapping actively since early 1994, and his years of experience show through his catchy style of lyrical production. Juvenile’s rap is great to listen to because of the diversity between his tracks. The rapper’s ability to create tracks that uphold his New Orleans style, while combining it with a hip-hop bounce that stirs up the party, makes Juvenile unique and entertaining for anyone who enjoys hip-hop. Juvie Tuesday also shows off Juvenile’s ability to slow down and discuss the difficulties of giving your life to hip-hop and the trials that come with making such a decision, in tracks such as “The Explanation,” and “Ode To My Projects.”

Although some of the tracks on the mixtape seem to draw out the hooks and intros a little too much, Juvie Tuesday is absolutely worth checking out for free on The rapper has been in the rap game for almost two decades and even though the new mixtape is not his best project, it still illustrates Juvenile’s lyrical talent and rap style that he has maintained since the early ‘90s. See for yourself what Juvenile, the Hot Boys, and other featured MC’s have been up to on this well constructed new mixtape. The New Orleans rapper has created a great collection of tracks once again.

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