Album Review: Southern Avenue – Be The Love You Want

August 11, 2021

At their best live, Southern Avenue finds enough soul, R&B and pop to please middling blues fans while maintaining enough roots and respect for the genre to satisfy hardcore blues veterans. 

The Memphis-based band’s virtuosity and energy on ‘Be The Love You Want’ is pronounced and the album is a joy. The title track hits like a wallop, and “Move Into The Light,” (a co-write with Jason Mraz) is better than 95 percent of what’s on the radio. The production seems louder, tougher and sharper, with brassy horns and a clearer sound than their previous release ‘Keep On.’

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Southern Avenue: Keep On

May 9, 2019

Ori Naftaly grappled with his record label, Concord Records, over Southern Avenue’s upcoming album, Keep On, out May 10. Fortunately for us, they both came out on top. “I want people to listen to this in 2040 and think we sound as relevant honoring the music that we love from back in the day,” Ori says.

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