(hƏd) p.e.: Sustaining The Dream

November 1, 2017

(hƏd) p.e. is a highly energetic, socio-political, in your face band that brings a sense of familiarity to their listeners. (hƏd) p.e. has shared lineups with bands like Black Sabbath, deftones, System of a Down, Skindred, Primus, Snot, Powerman 5000, Kottonmouth Kings and Tech N9ne just to name a few. Studio albums have been recorded from 1994 to 2016 scattered over four different record labels. The spirit of the band has evoved over the years, but the above-mentioned description stands the test of time. The one common denominator throughout the years has been their frontman Jhared. We caught up with (hƏd) p.e. to gain some more insight.

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