Album Review: Augustus – Ragtime World

October 6, 2021

Ragtime World, the new album from Boulder, CO’s Augustus mixes their psychedelic rock sound with classic rock vibes and folk, giving listeners no expectation of what will come next. After releasing several full-length records, with Ragtime World Augustus can take pride in keeping their music fresh.

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Album Review: Augustus – Color TV and Tall Tales

October 5, 2020

Founders Colin Kelly and Jim Herlihy of the Boulder-based band Augustus have delivered a technicolor whopper. “Color TV and Tall Tales,” their 5th LP due October 9, features guests from Eldren, The Yawpers and Dragondeer, who add flesh and flare to the bones of the band, but the original duo’s rock rawness remains the focus of this accessible, eccentric rock n’ roll romp.

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