Features May 20, 2024

The Industry Disruptor Bringing Positive Change for Concertgoers

by Landon Ungerman

It’s that day of the week. Payday. Your paycheck hits, your pockets can breathe, and the time has come to splurge on concert tickets. The group chat is buzzing about everything from coordinated outfits to hotel bookings. After all, you’re four months and two clicks away from seeing your favorite artist, live in concert, with all of your friends. The queue shrinks as your pupils follow that little loading icon around, and around, and around, and– YOU’RE IN! One ticket for you ($40), one ticket for a friend ($80), plus one special dilemma: shell out an extra $80 in ridiculous fees, or pay your rent by the first. The machine wins yet again.

What’s the Deal with Concert Nowadays?

Concert tickets are the talk of the town in 2024. Everybody from sad Swifites to POTUS is giving their two cents on the debacle, but nonetheless, fans are willing to spend a pretty penny on live music experiences. Last year, ticket revenues hit record highs—the cherry on top of the all-too-familiar tale of consumers participating in something that  seems to be growing increasingly more expensive. While legacy industry titans juice every last dollar out of a dated system, fresh entrants like Tixr, a Santa Monica-based ticketing platform, are rewriting the script. A future where concertgoers, artists, promoters, and venues are on the same team is closer than it seems, and ticketing is the vessel.

In the past decade, countless industries (media streaming, food delivery– the list goes on) have revamped their services through innovation, and Tixr is pioneering that reformation for ticketing. Founded in 2013, Tixr began as a music-focused ticketing company and has since expanded to serving a diverse plethora of live experiences including sports, comedy, and pop culture, among others.s. Last year, Tixr established an official partnership with BandWagon Presents, an independent Colorado-Wyoming concert promoter that fuels the magazine that you are currently reading. With one or two household names dominating the ticketing market with outdated technology, independent promoters like BandWagon, and humble, local venues like The Moxi Theater in Greeley, CO, often feel powerless in giving their customers a modern, memorable experience at a fair price. However, since integrating with Tixr, BandWagon, The Moxi Theater, and countless other Colorado partners are reclaiming that power:

“Concerts should be about two things: the music and the fan. Tixr empowers our team at BandWagon to cater to precisely that. The tech, the tools, the transparency– for the first time in our 10+ years of operation, we finally feel that our ticketing is fan-focused.” -Ely Corliss (BandWagon Magazine, BandWagon Presents, Moxi Theater)

More than a Ticketing Platform

Tixr’s consumer-facing technology allows fans to purchase tickets on event pages tailored with the aesthetics of the venue and artist, immersing fans in a unique experience before they set foot in the building! With modern architecture, design, and technology being the focal points of Tixr’s operations, features like pre-ordering merch, earning rewards for helping sell tickets, no-interest payment plans, and a pre-authorized waitlist system for sold-out shows are just a few of the ways that they are revolutionizing the game.

There isn’t an industry in the world as volatile and exciting as live music ticketing. While legislation and debate float around in state assemblies, the House, and even the Oval Office, the music perseveres. Rarely will an industry herald disruptor bring positive change for the everyday concert-goer, yet Tixr has emerged as such a force, and at BandWagon, we are elated to join this journey with them.

Visit tixr.com to check out the amazing events they are ticketing nationwide and around the world, and visit bandwagonpresents.com to get a sense of the waves they are creating in your community!