Music, Print, Reviews November 10, 2021

Album Review: Mr. Fredo – Movement

by Valerie Vampola

Fort Collins-based Mr. redo (fka Fredo The Rapper) brings intricate layerings in his new EP Movement, featuring his long-time collaborator, producer (and step-brother) Suburb based in Chicago, IL. The movement is chill, and his relaxed tone glides over the complex trap and lo-fi beats.

Fredo is known for coupling his tracks with home-video style music videos which feature overlays of his own animated effects. In the past, his animation style and themes have referenced comic books or anime, along with doodles you might find inside a school notebook if it weren’t for the fact that they glow.

Movement’s opening track, “BREATHE,” featuring a cool lo-fi beat, is coupled with a music video co-created with Yavez Fuller of Vez Visuals. The video was shot in a single take and features his touchstone animation style. Though the videos add a lot to his raps, Fredo mostly lets his music do the talking. “MAKE MOVES” features a standard trap beat with prose that demonstrates parallel phrases. The language and rhymes are satisfying to listen to, but the fun bits are behind his delivery, with little “woohoos” and sound effects. While the beat itself feels skeletal, the sounds thrown into the mix make the track bigger. 

Mr. Fredo – Photo above by Untapped Potential Studios, cover photo by That One Kid Nick

“SUTRA” fills the audio space in a similar way, doubling the lyrics with a distorted layer and sweeping sound effects. The noticeable difference in this track is the way the synths function more as the main beat with the drums acting as more of a support.

Movement is meditative when it comes to Mr. Fredo’s lyrical delivery, while the music behind him throws in surprises which, in comparison, feel chaotic. But this dichotomy is somehow familiar; a feeling of wanting to remain collected while the world feels disorderly. 

Movement is out now wherever you stream music – click here to listen. Mr. Fredo will perform live at the Aggie in Fort Collins on December 17.