Music, Reviews August 2, 2020

Album Review: Alcario Artuso – I Will Always Be With You

by Valerie Vampola

Alcario Artuso’s tracks on his new double single EP I Will Always Be With You (feat Kyle Kounovsky and Terrah Schultz) revive the alternative indie rock sound of the late 2000’s, where distorted guitars and sprinkles of synthesizers met minimal production, and a live musician still stood behind every beat and note. Reminiscent of artists like The Strokes and early Phoenix, both songs could have easily been included on the cult classic Scott Pilgrim vs The World soundtrack if it came out today.

The opening of the first track “Out Here” draws in listeners with a strong rhythmic guitar that has just enough angst to be included on a hipster-rock playlist. “With You” maintains the indie rock sound, but adds a grunge flavor with minimalism, use of open space, and slurry vocals.

I Will Always Be With You keeps millennials feeling youthful with the sounds of their high school and early college days. Check out the double-single EP below.