Features, Print April 24, 2019

Bands To See At FoCoMX 11

by Laura Giagos

Fierce Bad Rabbit (Saturday – 8:30pm at Washington’s | 21+)

FoCoMX always has its favorite bands, and once upon a time Fierce Bad Rabbit was it. In 2012 this indie rock outfit were the Ft. Collins “it” band with a solid body of work under their belt, not to mention a few interesting tv promo spots. Then lead singer and band leader Chris Anderson relocated to Boston. The music lived on but Northern Colorado didn’t hear much from Fierce Bad Rabbit… until it was announced the band is getting back together for a reunion show just for FoCoMX.

Fierce Bad Rabbit

The Great Salmon Famine (Friday – 8:00pm at Prost Brewing Co. & Biergarten | 21+)

When it comes to party music, Northern Colorado has a strong history of bands who know how to get people going. Because of this, the standard of what the people expect is set pretty high. Thankfully we have The Great Salmon Famine who has spent the last year blowing those expectations out of the water. Since they won the 2018 BandWagon Magazine’s Battle of the Bands, this funk fusion band has landed one solid gig after another, distinguishing themselves in a town saturated with funk fusion wannabes. You can expect another great year from GSF because it’s one thing to give the people what they want, it’s another to make it look easy while you’re doing it.

Great Salmon Famine

I Am The Owl (Friday – 11:00pm at Hodi’s Half Note | All Ages)

Somewhere between punk and metal lives Ft. Collins-based I Am The Owl. The nuanced medium where these two genres meet has been carefully crafted since the band formed in 2015. Feel how you want about the style of music but don’t deny their execution thereof. Their self-produced EPs A Mission to Civilize: Part One & Two have the polish of studio expertise and their live shows are rehearsed and engaging. A recommendation: not to sound like a whiny little bitch, but … bring ear plugs. It’s going to be a loud one, and that’s exactly the way they want it.

I Am The Owl

Sultan And Necromancer (Saturday – 10:45pm at Wolverine Farm Letterpress & Publick House | All Ages)

Experimental darkwave synth bands don’t get enough love in Colorado these days. While it is not a scene Northern Colorado is known for, Sultan and Necromancer is one of the groups emerging from an enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of synthesizer owners that have taken up residence in Ft. Collins. Walking a line between the bizarre and catchy pop music, Sultan and Necromancer is a gloomy yet captivating band bent on adding some discord to the musical language of our time. This two piece will scratch the musical itch of any fans of bands like The Knife, Air, and Crystal Castles.

Sultan & Necromancer

Chess At Breakfast (Friday – 5:30pm at Downtown Artery | All Ages)
Prog rock is a genre only for the brave and Chess At Breakfast is such a band. Since 2016, these three Ft. Collins rockers have spent their time as a band exploring an experimental and anxious side of their music. Mathematical and driving, their first EP, The Gutshalls, serves as an indicator of where their sound was headed. Now getting ready to drop their first full length album May 10, titled Wealthcare, Chess At Breakfast is set to have a great year.

Chess At Breakfast