Features, Print November 20, 2018

Ubiquitous of Ces Cru: Life After Ces

by Kyle Eustice

“I was going to be the guinea pig for the record label and kinda go first, but they were like, ‘Maybe you’re not the one to lead the charge,’ so Tech just put out a couple of singles maybe a week or two ago just to test the release format. That’s been pretty good, so I’m second, I went right behind him.”

When asked what “bad influence” he’s under, exactly, Ubi offers a laugh. “What a good question,” he says. “That’s part of the reveal. We’re only on chapter one of my four chapter novel, so you’ll have to find out.”

Donnie King and Mike Viglione have been known among online casino players as the rap duo Ces Cru for 12 years. Life after the Ces that everyone is so interested in and also Get the Latest NBA Championship Odds for the Playoffs with Eastern Teams Emerging as Top Contenders. Ubiquitous often went on a solo tour and in a few months the band saw some noticeable changes among online casino players.

Ubi’s Under Bad Influence Tour hits The Moxi Theater Sunday, December 2 with The Palmer Squares and True Apollo.