Features April 26, 2018

Wild Child: Connecting with Their Audience One Show at a Time

by Talia Lezama

We spoke with Alex from Wild Child about their show at the Bluebird Theatre this past Saturday. The Austin based indie-pop band performed a very intimate and lively show to a sold out crowd in Denver. The seven piece group played some of their oldest songs from their first record as well as played their brand new songs from their recently released album Expectations, which came out February 9th of this year. The group’s refreshing songs had everyone dancing and singing while lead vocalist and violinist Kelsey Wilson went into the crowd to perform their song “Pillow Talk” off of their first album that was released in 2011.

I always love hearing how band members meet, what’s the story of how you all met?

Wilson and Beggins met while touring as backup musicians for a Danish indie act called The Migrant. They began writing songs together in the backseat of the tour van and found they worked very well as a songwriting team. Both had just been through the end of relationships, which provided both common ground and writing material. Beggins had brought a ukulele from his father’s instrument collection simply because it was small enough to comfortably pass around in a van (Beggins played accordion with The Migrant). By the end of the tour the two had written several songs and began recording their first album upon their return to Austin. To complete the sound they were seeking, they called in other local musicians and friends to help record, which eventually became the full Wild Child band.

What’s your favorite thing about playing live shows?

There is a special connection with the audience that develops during a live show. During a good show we feel really connected with the audience like we are all it it together. Besides random pictures and cell phone footage, they experience only lasts a night, it’s fleeting in that sense and makes it feel special. Looking out into a sea of people singing your songs is humbling and magical.

What’s one of your favorite songs to play live?

It varies every night but on this tour the new material from Expectations has been a blast. There is always some sort of fear that people won’t connect to your latest album and only want to hear songs from your early catalogue but this tour is proving that people are responding really well to the new tunes. My Town, Sinking Ship, Expectations and Alex in particular feel amazing in their current state.

What were some of your favorite bands growing up?

Everyone has a extremely diverse taste in music. Kelsey greenly listened to the classics, old soul music and some of the greats like Nina Simon. I grew up listening to more indie style bands from the early 2000’s, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Phantom Planet. We all have an affinity for 90’s hip hop and R&B.

Can you tell us anything about what you are working on and what else is to come from you guys?

We are most likely going to release new music sooner than not. We had a lot of leftover songs from Expectations and a couple more we want to record. We might be doing a series of EP’s this summer so stay tuned. Running name is Pinacoladaville.

You’re always coming out with such creative work. What outside hobbies or activities do you do to help inspire your creativity?

We are a pretty simple bunch, everyone likes swimming holes, grill outs, drinking nights and games on a porch, and various sports. Matt recently got into boxing which has been fun to watch. Going to see him take a title one day.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us! Anything else you’d like to add?

Sadie loves Chihuahuas

Be sure to make it to one of their next upcoming shows in the US!


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