Music, Reviews June 1, 2017

Album Review: Scarlet Canary– Perspective

by Samm Barrett

Scarlet Canary’s new EP Perspective fits the band name very well, showing with this wild songbird can do. The album is a mishmash of heavy rock and’ roll riffs combined with elegant vocals. The tracks have an interesting dynamic of party-starting vibes and determined vocals. The album follows a loose concept around perspective, starting with the track “I’ll Be Okay,” which is a very energetic way to begin the record. Touching on the emotion of a broken heart, what led to it, and the outlook afterward, it fits the theme well. This song is a great example of the many catchy hooks that litter the album.

As we make our way about halfway through the tracklist, “Spectral” hits. By far the best track on the album and what appears to be the climax as well. With a huge bold chorus it definitely highlights the chemistry of the band and gives the listener several moments to belt along with lead singer, Hannah Maddox. With harmonized verse and bridge sections reminiscent of “The Agonist” (Alissa White-Guz era), the track shows very good composition and an eerie and haunting subtlety. Erupting from the middle of the song is one of the heaviest moments of the album in which the band gives an onslaught of weighted guitars and slamming drums, all while Hannah screeches at the audience reminding us that Scarlet Canary can be both pleasant and fierce.  

Wrapping up the EP is “Don’t Be Afraid.” With group vocals and a very uplifting feel, it summarizes the overall outlook of “Perspective” and ends the album on a high note. Some sections throughout the album can be a lackluster at times, and it can feel as though they are intentionally trying to fit a radio rock demographic instead of adding to the song. Overall, Scarlet Canary shows a good contrast of pop and metal elements with a touch of rock and roll to tie it together. The EP is definitely worth a listen with several highlight tracks, heavy sections, and hooks that won’t leave your head. Find Scarlet Canary at, and support the new release.