New on 94.3 The X: ‘Songs You Need to Hear This Month’

by Shelby Taylor-Thorn

The 1975 – Change of Heart

This one falls more in the company of “Somebody Else” than the upbeat, 80s-influenced alt-pop songs like ‘Love Me’ and ‘The Sound.’ But, while the band’s latest ballad from I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It is undeniably totally depressing, it’s still somehow more of a banger than a downer. I’m also convinced only The 1975 is capable of pulling that off.

LP – Lost on You

Confession: When I first heard this song, I was like, ‘No way. Too folk. Never going to happen on a rock station.’ Later that week, I ate those words for dinner along with a microwave burrito. Thankfully, first impressions aren’t necessarily everything, because sure, it is a little folk-y, but there’s something about LP (Laura Pergolizzi) that you can’t turn away from – so you just play it on your rock station and think about all your exes to it anyway.  

K.Flay – High Enough

On the other hand, K.Flay’s sophomore release was an instant crush for me. “Blood in the Cut” was such a powerful, blow-out-the-bass rage song, but ‘High Enough’ tones down some of that angst, and turns up the blues without watering down what we love about K. Flay. Seriously, it’s just kind of sexy and I’ve been wracking my brain for five minutes trying to think of a way to say that better and I can’t, so there.

Bleachers – Don’t Take the Money

Bleachers is baaaaack! Here’s a little ‘Easter egg’ for you: While you’re jamming to this one on 94.3 The X (Because, why wouldn’t you be?) listen carefully for a female’s vocals at the end of the song. That would be Lorde, whose single “Green Light” was produced by Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff. I imagine them in his fancy NYC apartment/studio working on their new songs together, and Lena Dunham is probably there somewhere, too, just hanging out. Ugh, Lena Dunham. Anyway – great song.

Night Riots – Breaking Free

Night Riots has never put something in front of us that we didn’t just absolutely love because we really freakin’ love Night Riots, but this one – this one really pulled us right in by the heart strings. I could tell you 1,000 times that post-breakup feelings are sucky, but they say that much better than I can in “Breaking Free.”