Music, Reviews May 1, 2017

Album Review: Pie Lombardi/Little Lights – Split EP

by Andrew Stiegler

The split EP by Pie Lombardi and Little Lights molds a certain beauty to a modern-day folk sound. It’s not just the graceful vocals produced by both Lombardi and Devon Hildebrandt, but the energy in their sound.

Lombardi’s half offers some fresh material dripped in alternative folk. At first his tunes come across as another arrangement of sad guitar riffs and gloomy vocals. However, by the third or fourth time the liveliness to his soft melodies and calming voice begin to appear. “365” grows on you, feeling not only engaging but relatable too. Lombardi defined “365” as, “An extremely personal song, recounting what it feels like to be overwhelmed by life, kinda like being lost in a forest.” “Shadows” describes a combination of past relationships, and always falling for the people who don’t want you back,” Lombardi says. The songs successful in its attempt at emotional appeal, it just takes more than one listen to realize it’s good. At 23, Lombardi has been writing songs for about five years now, and the dedication shows in his music.

The Little Lights duo of Delvin Hildebrandt and Samantha Brewer understand the alternative folk sound. Hildebrandt harmonizes well with Brewer’s backing vocals, creating a dreamy, lucid sound. The vocal outbursts and relaxed rhythms in “Thoughts in Figure” are submerged with intensity and talent, and the attractiveness of the vocals are inescapable.  

“Shoes by the Bed” dazzles, the poise of Hildebrandt and Brewer’s vocals sing a wistful number that meanders around the surface of your heart and doesn’t seem to wanna leave.

Overall, the split EP between Pie Lombardi and Little Lights produces a wonderful alternative folk sound that is distinguished, poetic, and soothing. The album is layered with great material, the only thing lacking is a harder number.