Features July 7, 2015

Cardo Camp – An Opportunity to Work With the Greats

by Jed Murphy


Everyone in a band has had the dream of disappearing to a studio in the middle of nowhere for a weekend and simply record music. We’ve all wanted to go off the grid and cut ties to the outside world and simply be creative but lets be honest, the hustle and bustle of our lives a lot of the times gets in the way. Now, thanks to place called Cardo Camp, you can do just that and not only get away from it all to record music, but work with legendary producers and engineers in the process.

Cardo Camp is located in El Paso, Texas at a place called Sonic Ranch Recording Studio, the world’s largest residential recording facility. Sonic Ranch is on a 2300-acre farm that provides anything a musician could ever want for their recording session. The producers and engineers you will be working with have worked with countless rock icons from Carole King to Quiet Riot (make sure to check out the staff page on their website). This year, to top it all off, they have the legendary Alan Parsons as a guest producer.

This is for serious musicians only as they require two previously recorded songs and a video performance for selection. They also require $265 as an application fee…

This is not a small amount of money for an outfit getting on their feet but let me explain why this is a good thing for your band. Even if the $265 isn’t a guarantee to getting a spot (as the winners will be selected based on their submissions) Cardo Camp values the whole experience at $15k and the entire trip is all expenses paid including airfare and room and board. You will stay on the ranch then walk to the studio each day and work with some of the most experienced people in the industry. Besides the single, the knowledge and connections you will gain will set your music on a whole new path. Do yourself and your band a favor and at least look into it. Opportunities come to those reach out and take them. You only have until July 15th to get your submissions in so get to work everyone!


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