Features, Music April 27, 2013

Denver’s Speakeasy, Tiger Reunites at the Marquis

by Jed Murphy

544224_10151423666134092_1244180937_nSpeakeasy, Tiger is a band with history here in Colorado. Started in Denver during the summer of 2009, the band found success both at home and nationally. Drawing inspirations from the likes of The Killers, Tori Amos, and Radiohead; Speakeasy, Tiger found themselves making waves until the abrupt break up of the band in 2010. Now three years later, the original line-up has reunited for a show at The Marquis Theater in Denver.

Lead vocalist Kyle Simmons said that right now the only real goal for the band is this show at The Marquis. All the members have their side projects at this point, but playing together has woken up an old energy for the band. “Who knows, if this show goes well, I can definitely see us doing more shows.”

What prompted the band to get back together was a massive amount of fan support and requests for a reunion show. “People are still buying our music and watching our videos on YouTube. We got so many messages from fans who felt we needed to get back together, we thought we would give it a try.”

Simmons spoke about how personally the public took news of the band’s split. There had been responses to the break-up in both the press and from fans, truly driving home to Simmons how important their music is to their audience. But at the end of the day, they are all still human. Simmons truly appreciates all the support they have received during and since the time of this band.

“I cherish the way people personalize my music,” Simmons said, encouraging people at this show to come and engage with the band. She wants all the fans who wanted a chance to speak one on one with Speakeasy, Tiger to come to The Marquis and do so. She also wanted to thank bassist Lauren Gale’s band Brave Song Circle for coming on as a supporting act for the show.

Image from Speakeasy, Tiger’s Facebook page.

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