Art, Community April 11, 2013

Art Space Greeley’s First Friday Opening

by Jed Murphy

DSC_8371April 5th saw the opening of a new art space in Greeley, adding to a blossoming art scene. Dubbed Art Space Greeley, it is established as a place for artists and members of the community to gather and participate in the artistic process. What does this mean? Well, that is question for Art Space Greeley.

Located on the corner of 7th Avenue and 12th Street in a what used to be a car garage, it is a very unassuming place. Inside, though, is an amalgamation of many of the endeavors that have been a driving force in the artistic community. According to At-large Stephanie Bolton, representing the committee for the Art Space Greeley, the main mission is to provide a location halfway between downtown and the 16th Street Art Walk as a bridge for the two locations. Set up ideally as a space for artists to rent and use to produce work, it has the potential to be a thriving art collective, although the building itself is in need of some renovations.

DSC_8413Their first opening was a truly local event for the city of Greeley, featuring all the off-kilter art groups and clubs that have made their home in the city. Joe Lee Parker provided the music; Hoopligans did their hula-hoop show; Tribe Sidysaan brought belly dancing; and Mariah Foster and her crew of poets enlightened the crowd. With food brought in by Café Panache and drinks by local distillers Syntax Vodka, it is the culmination of many different local efforts.

Still in its infancy, Art Space Greeley has a lot to do before they can move towards a unified vision for the establishment. From speaking with the people involved, there was a general lack of unification on what to ultimately do with the building, other than a rental space and art gallery. With the potential for live music, performance art, community based art classes (all of which are currently on the table,) and any other form of artistic expression this community can think of, the real challenge for Art Space Greeley will be to unify their efforts and produce art not just for the sake of art, but to leave a lasting impact on the blossoming Greeley art community. With the passionate and driven volunteers and board members, in a few short years this will without a doubt be the case.

Photos by Rachel Waltman.

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