Features, Music January 24, 2013

Exclusive Download: Katey Laurel – “From Here”

by BandWagon Magazine

Denver-based singer/songwriter Katey Laurel has offered BandWagon readers a chance to download her EP From Here for free. The 8-track folk pop record is available free here exclusively to the first 200 downloaders, so don’t wait.

Laurel, an acoustic adult contemporary artist, has been active in the Colorado music scene for several years and released her first full-length album, Upstairs, Downstairs, in 2008. Since then she’s performed in a number of venues in the Denver area, including The Walnut Room and The Gothic. She was a finalist in the Tuscon Folk Festival and a showcase artist at the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, OH. In her words, From Here “reflects my love for this project, and the hope and potential surrounding it. I’m saying that this is what I see from where my life is at right now—and it’s a good place.”
Track Listing

1. Begin Again
2. Everything I Love
3. The Wheel
4. From Here
5. Somebody Like You
6. Blue Sky’s Comin’
7. Piece of the Moon
8. My Funny Boy

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