Art, Community, Features, Local Business September 10, 2012

5 Reasons You Should Go to Wine & Canvas

by Melissa Jones

  1. It’s at The Crvsh Room: This art gallery/bar/restaurant is the perfect setting for a fun painting event.  The space is casual, the decor clean and minimal. Artwork by local artists is displayed on the wall.  Whether you are on a date, out with a few friends, or on your own for the evening, the atmosphere is ideal.
  2. The cost: Got twenty bucks? That’s all you need for complimentary appetizers and wine, painting supplies, a canvas to paint on, and the hour long painting instruction. It’s a great deal.
  3. Food and drink: If you’re not already addicted to the buffalo chicken dip they serve at The Crvsh Room, you soon will be.  Not in the mood for wine?  The full bar offers some unique specialty drinks in addition to any other libation you might want, at regular price.
  4. Local artist Armando Silva, the instructor, will guide you through the painting session.  Armando is friendly, encouraging, relaxed, and obviously having a good time, which sets the mood for the evening.   He’s an enormously talented painter who knows his stuff. You’ll actually learn some techniques.
  5. You CAN paint: Even if you’ve never painted before or assume the average three year old would do better, you will leave Wine & Canvas impressed with yourself.  Frame your painting, hang it on the wall, and every time you look at it, think, “I totally rule.”

Wine & Canvas is the last Friday of each month. Contact The Crvsh Room for details and reservations.
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