BandWagon Magazine Battle of the Bands 2023

BandWagon Magazine Battle of the Bands 2023

The annual BandWagon Magazine Battle of the Bands has returned and is now accepting applications from interested bands! Bands and musical acts of all kinds from across the Rocky Mountain Front-Range Region are encouraged to apply….

*Some dates/venues are subject to change


Since 2011, BandWagon has hosted an annual Battle of the Bands where Northern Colorado’s best local bands compete for eternal glory, the cash prize, and the cover of BandWagon Magazine! Past winners include local bands like Slow Caves, The Burroughs, Its Just Bugs, and Graham Good & The Painters.

In 2023, we are expanding the battle to include bands across the Colorado front range and for the first time ever, into Wyoming. Preliminary rounds will take place in November in Denver (twice), Greeley, and Manitou Springs (Just outside of Colorado Springs. One band from each night will move onto the final round at the Moxi Theater in Greeley on December 15th, 2023. At the conclusion of the final round, one band will be crowned the 2023 champs and awarded $5,000 and the cover of BandWagon Magazine on a future date to be determined.

The battle is scored by a combination of judges and crowd voting. The celebrity judges, composed of local musicians as well as folks affiliated with organizations like host venues, BandWagon Magazine, Moxi Theater, The Fort Collins Music District, and Mishawaka Amphitheatre, will be filling out score sheets that award bands for several categories including originality, professionalism, crowd participation and response, and the quality of performance.

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BandWagon Magazine BATTLE OF THE BANDS


Band Name: _________________________________

1. Planning/Preparedness (10 points in 2 subcategories)

Preparation • (5 points) Were the instruments and equipment made ready prior to performance? (In tune, cables ready to rock, pedals set, etc), Was all gear needed for the show on stage? Did they start and end on time? Score out of 5 points _____

Planning • (5 points) Evidence of rehearsal, lyrics learned, a clearly planned set list – or creative absence thereof? Score out of 5 points _____

2. Originality (15 points in 2 subcategories)

Material / Sound • (10 points) How unique did the band sound? Does their music have a clear identity? Score out of 10 points _____

Appearance / Identity • (5 points) Did the band look original? Was their look consistent? Did the band stand out from the rest? Score out of 5 points _____

3. Audience Engagement (20 points in 2 sub categories) 

Verbal Interaction • (10 points) Did they introduce themselves, talk to the crowd or do “call and response” vocals? Were they confident in front of an audience? Score out of 10 points _____

Physical Interaction • (10 points) Did the band get the audience to participate with the show? Did the band participate with the audience? (waving, clapping, jumping, dancing with the audience? Was it necessary? Was it authentic? Score out of 10 points _____

4. Quality of Performance (20 points in 2 subcategories)

Did They Nail It • (10 points) Did the band’s setlist appear to go according to a plan? Was it well constructed and executed, enhancing the audience’s experience? Did their set have highs, lows, and an arc? Any bad notes or biffed vocals? Score out of 10 points _____

Stage Presence • (10 points) Did the band use the stage effectively? Did the band appear confident about their performance? Did the band interact effectively on stage with each other? How did they cope with any problems they encountered? Score out of 10 points _____

5. Skill and Professionalism (35 points in 4 subcategories)

Songwriting • (10 points) Do the songs feel like a result of craft? Do they stand out as good songs? Do the songs have a structure appropriate for the band? Score out of 10 points _____

Musicianship • (10 points) Did the band groove well together with rhythmic, tonal consistency? Were the songs conveyed well by the band’s arrangements? Do the members of the band know their parts? Was the music technically challenging or impressive? Score out of 10 points _____

X-Factor • (10 Points) Did they do something you’d never seen before? Do they have energy, sparkle or positive attributes you just can’t put your finger on? Score out of 10 points _____

Professionalism • (5 Points) Was the band cool both on and off stage? Did they treat other participants, audience members, and judges respectfully? Score out of 5 points _____

GRAND TOTAL FOR  BAND __________________________________________ IS: _______

Judges Comments: