April 24, 2013

MISCOMUNICADO brings dance, psychedelic, rock, and sweet guitar licks together to melt faces. Mine was liquidated, for sure. I remember looking over to the guy next to me and saying, “This right here is baby making music!” He said, “What?” I just smiled and nodded and he did the same, both of us dancing like headless chickens.

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Q&A: Huff ‘n Keen @ FoCoMX

Huff n’ Keen played day one of FoCoMX at Washington’s Bar on the downstairs stage. Although the sound for the stage was below average, the artists still managed to put on a great show with their catchy beats and fine-tuned lyrics. After the set I was able to talk to Dustin and Patrick from the group about their music and future goals, as well as their views on the Colorado hip-Hop scene.

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Q&A: Danielle Ate The Sandwich @ FoCoMX

Danielle Ate the Sandwich filled up Everyday Joe’s to the point that standing room in the back of the audience was shoulder to shoulder. The young and extremely gifted acoustic folk band was fantastic to watch and full of good vibes. Danielle, Denis, and Chris have been playing as a trio for three years and their great chemistry shows both on and off the stage.

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Q&A: WhiteCatPink @ FoCoMX

All of a sudden we, the audience, were surrounded by furries who were all dancing madly to the leader of the animal gang, David Jacoby, donned in a fuzzy cat outfit of his own and playing the drums, singing insanity into the microphone.

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Local Band Profile: Mike Ring and the Connection

April 10, 2013

Newcomers Mike Ring and the Connection haven’t been in the Greeley music scene for long, but you’d never know it. Blending folk and electronic pop, the band explodes with a percussive mix of invigorating songs. And while the band has a well-polished studio sound, their passion for live music is what drives them.

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