Band Profile: Fierce Bad Rabbit

May 7, 2013

Although they are certainly established and thriving, Fierce Bad Rabbit is looking at a new chapter in their music. As they begin to start families, they are considering their future as a band. Chris Anderson is relocating to Boston later this month, on the tail end of a two-week midwestern tour. For many bands, the frontman moving away could be a death sentence, but Fierce Bad Rabbit doesn’t see it that way.

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Cover Story: Capital Cities Make Colorado “Safe and Sound”

May 6, 2013

A musician’s status is usually measured by the number of record sales, number one singles, and sold-out shows they achieve, but the indie duo Capital Cities has found success without even releasing a full-length album. Their first single, “Safe and Sound,” has been in heavy rotation on alternative and pop radio since its release and has continually grown in popularity.

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Q&A: Huff ‘n Keen @ FoCoMX

April 24, 2013

Huff n’ Keen played day one of FoCoMX at Washington’s Bar on the downstairs stage. Although the sound for the stage was below average, the artists still managed to put on a great show with their catchy beats and fine-tuned lyrics. After the set I was able to talk to Dustin and Patrick from the group about their music and future goals, as well as their views on the Colorado hip-Hop scene.

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