The Colorado Sound’s My5 – May 2020

May 15, 2020

A stunning bootleg recording method from the 70’s revived by The National, life during quarantine – 40 year old albums and the best time-killing websites, Radiohead’s Ed Obrien goes solo, Coloradans climbing the deadliest cliffs, Lucinda Williams bringin’ it, and a Nicholas Cage movie that’s … actually, pretty underrated! Lots of goodies to check out in this month’s My5 from the Colorado Sound. Dig in!

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The Colorado Sound’s My5 – March 2020

March 5, 2020

Cherokee Heirloom seeds locked in an arctic vault. An unsung hero known as “The Female Elvis.” The most famous mime saving children during a world war. Girls skateboarding in Kabul. The demise of the most rock’ n’ roll magazine ever (no, not us…).

What do they have in common? Why they’re in this month’s My5 from The Colorado Sound, of course! Always worth checking out what’s on the minds of our radio gurus – March is no different!

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The Colorado Sound’s My5 – December 2019 – Top 105 albums of 2019

December 15, 2019

This month, the Colorado Sound’s My 5 is our choices for the Top 5 albums released in 2019. On December 31, we’ll once again count down the Top 105 Albums Of The Year as voted by Colorado Sound listeners. What are YOUR Top 5 of 2019? Go to to submit your picks by December 21 – each submission enters you to win a pair of tickets to The Colorado Sound’s 4th Birthday Party show at Washington’s on Saturday, February 29. Tune in on New Year’s Eve from 6am to midnight to see where YOUR choices land on the list!

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