Concert Photos June 17, 2024

Kaleo @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre | 6-16-24

by Jason Alfaro

Under the vast Colorado night sky, Red Rocks Amphitheatre hosted a sold-out concert that highlighted unforgettable moments that will stay with Red Rocks forever. The event marked the second night of Matt Maeson’s Denver tour, culminating in an unforgettable evening with Icelandic rock sensation Kaleo headlining the show.

Every seat was filled as the crowd gathered for a night of captivating performances. Matt Maeson opened with his raw, emotive storytelling and powerful melodies, creating an immediate connection with the audience.

The energy peaked as Kaleo took the stage, bringing a wave of Icelandic culture and rock fervor. Their dynamic performance, featuring hits like “Way Down We Go” and “No Good,” turned the night into a rock party. Each song resonated through the natural acoustics of Red Rocks, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

As the final notes echoed off the red stone walls, the crowd’s applause signaled the end of a night that exemplified the power of live music in Denver. Kaleo and Matt Maeson’s performances showcased the enduring appeal of rock and the unifying power of a shared musical experience.

Check out the gallery of photos capturing the night’s highlights and to relive the magic of this extraordinary show.

Photos by Jason Alfaro of Right Eye Media, LLC.