Album Review: Los Condensadores de Fluzo Rockabilly “Typicat” Spanish

December 8, 2014

Condensadores de Fluzo es la traducción incorrecta de Flux Capacitor que debería de ser condensador de flujo cuál es la parte principal de la máquina del tiempo de la película Back to the Future. Esta traducción incorrecta es de España de donde se originan el grupo más exacto de Jaén. Los Condensadores de Fluzo es un grupo mas nuevo que empezaron en el 2010 que tocan música Rockabilly. Los miembros son Fernando Valverde o conocido como “Perro rabioso” que toca la batería, el bajo lo toca Tonino McFly, Juan Antonio Plutonio toca la guitarra, y el vocalista que también toca la guitarra es Carlos o conocido come “Fluzo.” Rockabilly “Typicat” Spanish fue estrenado apenas este año después de su exitoso lanzamiento de su álbum “Back to the Fifties” en el 2012.

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Blackalicious: Don’t Let Money Change You

Emcee Gift of Gab of Blackalicious is a legend. He is so much a legend that “Harry Potter” (Daniel Radcliffe) took it upon himself to learn every single word of “Alphabet Aerobics” and rap it on Jimmy Fallon. Macklemore recently “Instagramed” a photo of Blackalicious’ first album, 1999’s Nia, with a caption that read, “One of the most important albums I ever came in contact with. It influenced me on spiritual level. It validated things I felt but couldn’t put into my own words yet. That’s what the power of good music.”

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New Music Mondays: “Lake Song” The Decemberists

At the release of this article, it has been nearly 4 years since The Decemberists released a new studio album. This is not uncommon for the group, who have taken multiple-year breaks before. The longest break prior to this was taken in between the albums The Crane Wife and Hazards of Love, the latter being the groups paramount release (at least from my perspective). One can only hope that time away is just what the group needs as they prepare to release What a Beautiful World, What a Terrible World.

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Album Review: Springtime Carnivore Self-Titled

Greta Morgan Salpeter (better known simply as Greta Morgan) began playing piano at the tender age of three. With a classical pianist for a mother, Morgan has many fond musical memories, especially with her father:

“My Dad is tone deaf, but he loves music. So he always took us to musicals, and I actually remember dancing with him to motown in front of our juke box as kids.” You can sense the importance of these memories in Morgan’s voice

Music continued to be a fierce passion into her teens.

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Winter Wonderland Jam Offers Up the Classics

December 6, 2014

It was a big surprise to hear Grandmaster Dee wouldn’t be joining the other two members of Whodini for the Winter Wonderland Jam on December 6 in Denver. After all, as DJ for the ‘80s soulful hip-hop group Whodini, Grandmaster Dee carved out a permanent place for himself in hip-hop history with the celebrated group. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the trio’s second album, Escape, was certified platinum and delivered eight solid tracks, including hit singles “Five Minutes of Funk,” “Freaks Come Out at Night” and “Friends.”

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Battle of The Bands 2014 Is Getting Heated

December 5, 2014

Final Round is Saturday November 6th. The bands will compete and score points based off technique, style, stage prescence etc. But most importantly the crowd vote. A good band entertains their audience. Be a part of the 2014 Battle of the Bands vote on Saturday at the Moxi. Read up on the three finalist and check them out live.

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Rising Stars: Jager’s Got Talent

December 4, 2014

Jager’s Got Talent was a competition consisting of three rounds that were judged and voted on to find the winner. Copycat edition refers to the theme performers were given each week to “copy” in order to fulfill the requirement (i.e. ‘90s or Boybands etc).

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