The Evolution of DJ Qbert

October 11, 2014

“Everyone can have fun being a DJ,” DJ Qbert says. “But it still takes a lot more to be a scratch musician.”

The San Francisco native has carved out his own spot on the list of legendary turntablists, beginning with his involvement in FM20 with Mix Master Mike (of Beastie Boy fame) and DJ Apollo in the early ‘90s.

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Good Vibe Accoustic Studio

On Saturday, September 6, Ren Merry, Lindsay Davis and Daniel Bisceglia gathered before an audience in a small studio on 8th Avenue for their first group performance. Merry is a classical guitarist and a teacher at Frontier Academy who’s been playing for 35 years. Bisceglia, also a teacher from Frontier, has only been playing for 15 years, while Davis, a yoga teacher and violinist, has been playing her instrument for 20 years.

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Album Review: Camila, Elypse

October 10, 2014

Por primera vez en la historia de Camila tenemos un dúo. Así es, su tercer álbum fue lanzado en Junio del presente año y solo cuenta con dos integrantes. Samo había sido parte de la agrupación desde sus comienzos en el 2006, más sin embargo decidió decir adiós para dedicarse a su carrera como solista. Mario Domm es el productor de Camila, también es compositor, cantante y toca varios instrumentos musicales como el piano y la guitarra. Pablo Hurtado es el guitarrista y co-productor. El más reciente álbum lleva por nombre Elypse. En el buscan escribir una nueva historia como lo han hecho en el pasado, la diferencia es que en Elypse no hay reglas. Es sin confort, sin limites y sin miedo como lo describe Domm.

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Riot Fest: Three Days of Badass Rock Music

First off, Riot Fest was awesome. There is no other way to say it, after it’s all said and done and we the critics have our say about what went well and what didn’t and ask the ultimate festival question of if it was worth the ticket price, Riot Fest was still awesome. To see this particular line up whether you grew up listening to them or not was something everyone there knew would only happen a few times in our lives. To see The Flaming Lips then literally turn around and see Primus begin made me wonder, where the hell am I?

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The Mastermind Behind the Mask, Slow Magic

Aside from the mesmerizing instrumental electronic music Slow Magic makes, there’s a mysticism surrounding the young producer that pulls you in even more. The “young” part is even a guess because nobody really knows for sure who the mastermind behind Slow Magic is, his real name or what he looks like. Armed with a multi-colored imaginary animal mask, Slow Magic takes to the stage like the untamed beast he represents. He pounds on the drums like he’s harnessing his primal instincts and delivers an infectious sound so sweet, it’s impossible not to love. More performance art than anything, Slow Magic reveals why he hides his identity.

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