8 Things We Are Looking Forward to at ARISE

July 21, 2014

Last August, BandWagon Magazine made the voyage to the ARISE music festival, located in Loveland, Colorado. It’s first year as a festival it had a few growing pains, but ultimately it provided the perfect opportunity for Northern Colorado to see what the festi scene is all about.

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Album Review: Fallen Dean M. Curtis

July 18, 2014

Dean Curtis, a Fort Collins-based musician and singer, seemingly threw everything into Fallen, his 2014 album. I suspect if he could use a kitchen sink as an instrument, he would’ve done so. It’s an impressive solo debut album for Curtis, who’s the bassist for the reggae band DubSkin and has been producing music for the past ten years.

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Americana Bliss: The Avett Brothers’ Continue Their Rise to Notoriety

July 13, 2014

While it may seem unfathomable that New York City native and hip-hop aficionado Rick Rubin produced The Avett Brothers’ records, it’s really not that strange. Rubin has produced all types of music during the span of his career, including Americana. From Johnny Cash and The Beastie Boys to Mick Jagger and Public Enemy, Rubin has left his fingerprint on countless albums, and in the process, cemented his reputation as a legendary producer.

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Movie Review: Chef

Jon Favreau has had an encompassing career in the film industry. Starting out as an extra on film sets, he hit it off with Vince Vaughn early on, writing his starring role in the film Swingers and eventually directing the charming Christmas film Elf.

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Album Review: Fucked Up – Glass Boys

July 2, 2014

Glass Boys is a follow up to 2011’s David Comes to Life, which saw the band’s first ranking on the billboards and created a big name for them. The album was conceptual and followed a light bulb factory worker that falls in love with an activist, who is killed by a bomb they build to blow up the factory. And while concept albums often feel forced, the band’s raw energy and the musical talent really pulled it into the foreground. This latest release is very similar, despite not being an official concept album though the “getting older” theme threads it together.

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