Film Review: Ride Along

February 15, 2014

The plot of Ride Along is yet another of the cut-and-paste, generic buddy movie templates : aspiring police officer, Ben (Kevin Hart), at the behest of his girlfriend, Angela, must get the blessing of her …

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Portals in Greeley? Ingress the Game of Cellular Domination

February 11, 2014

The genius of Ingress is its integration with Google Maps and, by extension, the real world. Any given landmark around your town or the world can be a portal. Downtown Greeley itself is packed with them—the gazebos, statues, and odd architectural bits are almost all portals in the game, all ripe for contention between the Enlightened and Resistance.

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Ninth Annual Glo Music Festival

Glo Festival 2014 was the 9th such event in as many years. After attending my first Glo on January 25th at the Denver Mart it is no surprise that this EDM fest is still thriving in Colorado. Floorbangrs and Intense Worldwide have my thanks for making this happen. Glo brings all of the necessary elements together for people to catalyze into the kind of sensory overload event you expect and deserve.

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