Plastik Factory and the Mission for Singularity

July 11, 2013

The team is a close knit artistic duo with Warren Jones providing the musical aspect and Jeremy Vanley, the visuals. They have been previously seen and are best known for their noise and performance art show: Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror which debuted at the Mile High Horror Film Festival in 2012, for a sold out show. Together they work towards a cohesive style which cooperates to form a larger vision.

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Album Review: The Ghoulies

July 9, 2013

Recently releasing their self-titled debut album, The Ghoulies’ multifaceted brand of rock is constituted by vocals reminiscent of ‘70s punk bands, guitar work that alternates between power chord punk, groove-oriented blues, and a rhythm section of bass and drums that invigorates a constant energy and excitement.

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