Local Band Profile: Trichome

February 13, 2013

Trichome’s story is one of reinvention. It is the story of a band that found their sound and made that sound work, but when they reached a crucial moment when it was time for something new, they knew what they needed to do. Where many bands that reach this point flounder in trying to maintain an original concept, Trichome has continued to move into new and interesting places.

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Drunkenest Coverage of the 2013 Grammys

February 12, 2013

There’s only one thing more disgusting than the music industry and that is the night when the entire train wreck comes together to stroke itself off, congratulating itself for exceeding previous mediocrity and breaking the will of even more Americans: The Grammys.

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Review: Buke & Gase – “General Dome”

Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez make up the inventive duo from New York, Buke & Gase. After being discovered by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National, they were signed to Brassland Records in 2007. Although relatively new to the music scene, Buke & Gase have already made their mark in an industry where standing out is becoming increasingly difficult.

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Colorado Snubbed in Disaster Relief Bill

February 11, 2013

After no vote on the Senate’s Disaster Relief Appropriations Act at the end of last year, legislators were forced to rewrite the bill, which offered billions of dollars in aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy and the wildfires in states like Colorado. But the House of Representatives’ draft of the bill, which passed on January 29th, excluded the funding for Colorado. That bill offered $50.7 billion dollars in relief to individuals and businesses affected by Sandy.

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ROOKE5 Releases New Debut “Colossal Chronicles”

February 7, 2013

One local Greeley rapper’s music has finally started to take off. ROOKE5 released Colossal Chronicles on January 22nd and received lots of positive feedback on his project. The 24 year-old rapper started performing when he was 13 growing up in northern Colorado. The local hip-hop artist has been working hard on Colossal Chronicles for the past three years and has finally completed his well constructed project. The album is the first for the rapper Luke Whitrock, better known as ROOKE5.

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The Photo Atlas – “Stuck In A Honeytrap”

February 6, 2013

In a time when electronic dance music rules the airwaves, The Photo Atlas is refreshing proof that post-punk is still breathing and can serve the same demographic. Their unique style of danceable hardcore music has rocked bodies throughout Colorado and across the country. The band’s first full-length release, No, Not Me, Never, introduced these alternative rockers to the nation. Its fantastic follow-up, Stuck In A Honeytrap, is set to drop this month.

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February 5, 2013

Step aside, LMFAO; the real party rock has arrived. Los Angeles-based surf punk band FIDLAR (Fuck It Dog, Life’s a Risk) dropped their debut, self-titled album on January 22nd with Mom + Pop Records. Their brand of party rock is a bit more chaotic than the dance club sound of LMFAO, though. This is party rock for those parties where there’s more coke than beer. FIDLAR is the kind of album that makes you want to drink beer just to keep up.

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